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Sun 24 November 2019 - read time: 2 min.

What I Have Learned Today - #020


Actually the title should read ”What I Have Learned Yesterday”. I had a long drive and wasn’t in the mood for writing.

Picture of the Oddfellows Arms in Sherburn in Elmet

Meeting new people

It might be surprising but I find it hard to meet new people and start a conversation. I rather be me by myself than throwing myself into a conversation with strangers. but this weekend I learned to step beyond that…

Saturday night I had to stay over in a place I’ve never been. Found myself some accommodation, and had planned to stay in my room and minding my own business.

But after a long drive I did fancy a beer so made my way to the pub and ordered one. Settled myself in a corner of an empty table, having my phone and pint as company.

pint glass

After a while some regulars came in and joined the table I was sitting at. First I was feeling a bit uncomfortable and wanted to get back to my room after finishing my pint. But after the few polite exchanges of “what brings you here” etc. a conversation started flowing. And it was good.

Before I knew it last orders were called and a final round of drinks were ordered. After that I retreated to my room and looked back at a wonderful night I had.


It felt good to “get out of my shell” and strike up a conversation with strangers. Yes, I was anxious and felt uncomfortable at first but learned that those feelings are unfounded. I did get a buzz out of it and I had an opportunity to hone my social skills.

Knowing that, in future I will more easily get into a conversation with people I don’t know; there’s nothing to loose. Though I know that there still will be a bit of anxiousness. But nothing that cannot be cured with a bit of Dutch Courage…

This post is part of a series of articles about “What I Have Learned Today”; acknowledging every day the thing I have learned. Feel free to read the other posts. all opinions in this article are my own and not necessarily represent the views of my employer.