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Thu 07 November 2019 - read time: 2 min.

What I Have Learned Today - #003


Screenshot of Project Galahad video

Show and Tell

Today I attended a show and tell session at work. It is a monthly 1-hour event with 20 minute time-slots where people from all departments in the organisation can tell about what they are working on.

These sessions are a great way to learn about new things that are not necessarily directly related to your day-to-day job but are fundamental to the context you work in. The information will come in handy at some point!

Vertical transfoveal OCT of an eye with epiretinal fibrosis Image courtesy of Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen)

Project Galahad

The topic of today’s session was about project Galahad, which main objective is to improve screening and basic diagnostics for glaucoma. The project is funded by the European Union (better together), and Optos, the company I work for is part of the consortium. That makes me proud to work for this company, but that aside.

I must admit that a lot of the information that was presented goes way above my head; we’ve got some really clever people working at Optos, and sometimes I feel I’m the less clever one 😏.

But I feel it is important to be exposed to information that you might not immediately grasp. It exposes areas where there is room for more learning. And it also will add to your baggage of knowledge that you can apply in your work, and beyond.

This post is part of a series of articles about “What I Have Learned Today”; acknowledging every day the thing I have learned. Feel free to read the other posts. all opinions in this article are my own and not necessarily represent the views of my employer.