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Mon 25 November 2019 - read time: 2 min.

What I Have Learned Today - #021

Keeping the balance

When you have a job like me, where you sit a big part of your day behind your computer (or in front of a computer screen; same thing, weird isn’t it?), you need to have something outside your work that is away from your screen. At least, that is my belief as I think it will help keeping you sane.

And that something else can be anything. One of the things I like to do is cooking. I’ve already written about that 2 weeks ago.

Getting crafty

With the holiday season upon us, another thing I like to do is making my own Christmas decorations and little Christmas presents. Last year I made little Rudolph hangers from corks.

Cork Rudolph reindeers

For this year I’m wanting to make my own gift boxes. Measuring and drawing them completely from scratch might be a step to far. Luckily I learned about a website that does the heavy lifting for you. It’s called It has got heaps of box designs to choose from and each can be adjusted to your liking. Once you’ve downloaded your template you can further personalise it.

Time to get my craft knife out! 🎄

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