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Thu 28 November 2019 - read time: 2 min.

What I Have Learned Today - #024


Box with offcuts of wood

A couple of days ago I wrote about getting crafty as a way to keep a balanced mind. And you learn some new skills along the way as well!

For the secret I’m working on I was needing some materials from the local hardware store. Got the stuff I needed and on leaving I saw you can help yourself to offcuts of wood in return for a small donation to charity. Popped in some cash, had a dive in the crate and picked up a few pieces of wood that can come in handy for future projects 🔨.

The art of noticing

Cover of the book ‘the art of noticing’ by Rob Walker

Don’t know why I haven’t noticed this before; must have walked past that box at least a dozen of times. But it shows it is worth to observe and pay attention to what’s around you. And that reminded me of a podcast I listened to from The Art of Manliness back in September. Which covered The art of noticing, a book by Rob Walker about the benefits that come from observing and being aware. Another book added to my list to read… 📚

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