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Fri 29 November 2019 - read time: 2 min.

What I Have Learned Today - #025


“Role Model” in block letters

What you can learn from your partner

It’s Friday night and I’m back home after a busy week in the office. Sitting on the sofa with my partner enjoying a 🍷 while chatting what happened this week at work.

She’s a support teacher in a primary school and always has got lots of stories about the things that happened at her work. I love listening to her experiences and adventures. It creates a bond between us and I do get lots of inspiration for my work. Yes,… I learn a lot from her ❤️.

Role models

One of the things I’ve said to my partner on several occasions already, and so I did tonight, is that in her profession she is a role-model to the pupils she’s working with; that teachers will be one of the persons kids will remember when they grow older.

As the conversation this night evolved, we were asking ourselves the question who our role-models were when we were young, or who are the people that inspired us. And that … was more difficult to answer than we thought. We came to the conclusion that we both can’t point out our role-models or people that inspired us when we were young. But, we do know that a lot of the people from our youth helped us form the way we are. And eventually we did point out persons from our youth that made a difference.


Reflect for a moment and think about the people that did make a difference to your life, who inspire(d)(s) you, who is your role-model. They are the people that implicitly or explicitly made who you are today. Just recognise that fact…

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